Published: 9/15/2021

 Nothing about 2021 has been what anyone expected, and this fall will be no exception. As we did in spring and summer, we’ll have to come up with new things to do in fall—fortunately, it was easy to find great spring activities and fun things to do in the summer during COVID-19.  Read more

Published: 8/13/2021


Celebrate V-J with us!
And get educated about Mortgage Scams

V-J Day, or Victory over Japan Day, marks the end of World War II, one of the deadliest and most destructive wars in history. When President Harry S. Truman announced on Aug. 14, 1945, that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, war-weary citizens around the world erupted in celebration.   Read more...

Published: 7/15/2021

The General Economy

Economic Update 2021/Despite the pandemic and severe weather, consumers and the housing industry signaled they were eager to put the dark winter behind them.  Read more

Published: 6/30/2021

 What Closing Costs Are Required?

When closing on a home, buyers want to save as much as they can, and sellers want to profit as much as possible, but the deal cannot close until each pays their share of closing costs.  Read more

Published: 4/21/2021

Voice of the
Title Agent survey said although 2020 was an unpredictable year, it was a profitable one. Nine in 10 said they saw their business improve from 2020, most of them saying the improvement was significant.  Read More...

Published: 2/15/2021

 Russ's Corner!  3 scenarios where it is crucial to possess an owner's title insurance policy.  It is protection for all kinds of situations you might not think could happen to your buyer.  Read more

Published: 1/18/2021

 Wishing you good times, good cheer and a memorable new year!  All of us at The Law Office of Russell C. Petersen want to thank you for your business, loyalty and support this year.  We hope to see you again in the new year!  Please check out our entire January newsletter with news from Russ's corner  Read more...

Published: 11/11/2020

 Veterans Day, honoring all who served.  Help support our local veterans.  And check out our featured agent of the month.  READ MORE

Published: 10/22/2020

 Introducing our featured Agent of the Month and some great "October" facts!  Read more

Published: 9/18/2020

More new from Russ's Corner and an introduction to our newest RCP Team member, Daniel Alvaredo....READ MORE

Published: 8/17/2020

 Our back to school wishes and more from Russ's corner on Fannie Mae!  Read more

Published: 7/21/2020

Retailers Use Empty Parking Lots for Drive-in Theaters...Read more

Published: 6/17/2020

See our featured agent of the month and meet our new team member.  Read more

Published: 4/8/2020

First responders in health care includes EMS, hospital and health care professionals involved in the treatment and care of victims or potential victims of COVID-19. 👨‍⚕️👮‍♂️👩‍⚕️👨‍🔬👨‍🚒

Published: 3/17/2020

Now that we've moved into our new office, we invite you to get to know our staff!  Lots of growth and lots of changes.  And important news from Russ.  Read more

Published: 1/20/2020

We are so excited! We will be announcing something BIG at the end of this month. Stay tuned,... Read more

Published: 11/20/2019

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have customers like you.  We wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.  Read more

Published: 9/17/2019

Coming soon!  We will be bringing you a tour of our new office in Duluth, GA!!!  Also please help us welcome Karen Martinez to our team.  Read more

Published: 8/19/2019

Check out our back to school tribute and Russ's Corner.  We also welcome our new colleague Sarah Pickell.  Read more

Published: 6/22/2019

Let's take a video tour for a Semi Annual celebration of you!  Read more

Published: 4/15/2019

Thank you to all our Agent and Lender friends for your Easter Contest pictures!  So many cute kids and grand kids!  We loved them all.  We hope this Easter is equally as fun.  Make sure to take some great pictures for next year.  Read more

Congratulations to our Marketing Director, Teresa Friend

Published: 3/26/2019

We want to congratulate Teresa, our Marketing Direct on this award!
Teresa Corbin Friend Earns 2018 Constant Contact All Star AwardRecognized Among Top 10 Percent of Customers Driving Powerful Email Marketing Results
GAINESVILLE, GA — March 13, 2019 – Russell C. Petersen Real Estate Law Firm, has been named a 2018 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company and a leader in small business marketing solutions. The annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact’s customer base, based on their significant achievements using email marketing to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization during the prior year.
The Law Office of Russell C. Petersen, LLC is a Georgia-based law firm, with offices in Gainesville and Cumming providing closing and settlement services for home buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders throughout the State of Georgia.  We’re small, we’re experienced, and we know what you want:  Simplicity.

Published: 3/18/2019

This month we celebrate Women's History Month!  National Women's History Month can trace its roots back to March 8, 1857, when women from New York City factories staged a protest over working conditions.  Read more....

Published: 2/14/2019

Thanks to everyone for helping make this dream a reality!  It takes collaboration to achieve success, so this award is truly a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our esteemed clients and friends. Read more...

Published: 1/16/2019

We congratulate Tabb Bowen and Chestatee Brokers Realty, our 2018 Agent/Agency winner!!!  Read more